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Information with Popular Types of Football Betting Today

Football betting is a familiar form of entertainment nowadays. While participating is very easy, achieving victory and winning rewards is quite the opposite. The fundamental aspect of betting is understanding the current types of football betting, so you can choose the most suitable type for yourself. If you're unfamiliar with these types, follow this free betting tips today closely.

Types of Football Betting: Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap can be considered the most popular and widely participated type of bet among enthusiasts today. Originating from Asia, this type of bet is embraced worldwide and especially favored by many Vietnamese bettors.

In this type of bet, it is further divided into smaller betting types. The appeal of this betting type lies in giving a certain advantage to the underdog team, thereby balancing the match and increasing its intensity.

Some types of handicaps in Asian Handicap include ¼ ball handicap, ½ ball handicap, 1 ball handicap, 1.5 ball handicap, and so on. Each smaller betting type has its advantages and excitement. Depending on each specific match situation, you can choose the most appropriate type of bet, which quickly proves effective.

European Handicap Betting

Another highly popular form of betting today is European Handicap betting. This type of bet is much simpler compared to Asian Handicap, as you do not need to consider the specific handicap points of the two teams.

You only need to focus on the final result. This type of bet is also denoted as 1X2, hence another name for it. There are three options for players to choose from: win, draw, or lose, corresponding to the three symbols.

European Handicap betting is also one of the easier betting types. It is chosen by many players, especially newcomers, due to its simplicity in selecting bets.

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Types of Football Betting: Over/Under Bet

One of the betting forms at bookmakers that you cannot miss is the over/under bet, especially favored by new players. Here, you don't need to care about which team wins but rather focus on the total goals scored by both teams in the match.

Bookmakers will provide a predicted number of goals. You simply bet on whether the actual number will be over (tài) or under (xỉu) that figure. If you bet over and the goals scored exceed the bookmaker's prediction, you win a reward.

Half Time/Full Time Bet

Another popular type of football betting at reputable bookmakers is betting on either the half-time or full-time result. Many players believe betting must cover the entire match, but this is not necessarily true. You can bet separately on the first half and the second half.

This type of betting is suitable for players with limited time who cannot watch the entire 90 minutes of a match. It also creates more betting options, thereby increasing your chances of winning compared to placing a single bet.

Both Teams to Score Bet

The name of this betting type reflects its essence. Participants must bet on whether both teams will score goals or not. If you bet "yes," both teams must score for you to win. Even if there are many goals in the match but they all come from one team, you still lose.

If you bet "no," it means you win only if at least one of the teams fails to score any goals. This is a small but dramatic and attractive betting option that many bookmakers frequently offer to enhance excitement for players.

First Goal/Last Goal Bet

One of the currently popular football betting types is betting on which team will score the first or last goal in the match. Despite being a newer form of betting, it has quickly gained popularity. Instead of watching the entire match, you can focus on just the first few minutes or the closing moments.

Not every match or bookmaker offers this type of bet. Typically, it appears only in major matches and at reputable bookmakers. A special feature of this bet is that once a goal has been scored in the match, even if it is postponed, the result will still be counted.

Various Football Betting Types: Corner Kick Bet, Yellow Card Bet

Secondary types of bets are increasingly accepted, becoming more popular and favored. With these bets, players do not need to make extensive calculations but can still achieve victories. Therefore, when you are tired of calculations, you can choose them as a form of entertainment.

These interesting bets not only bring monetary rewards but also add drama to your betting and match-watching experience. However, similar to goal-related bets, these types of bets are currently only available at reputable bookmakers.

Above are the currently popular types of football betting. It is hoped that sharing this information betting tips vip app will help you participate in more betting options, thereby increasing your chances of winning rewards.


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